Top 5 Exercises to do When Shipwrecked on a Deserted Island

You were just on a three-hour tour, but the weather started getting rough and your tiny ship was tossed. Now you’re stranded on an abandoned island and to your dismay, there is no gyms insight for you to keep that rockin’ body in shape. There are no Peak trainers, no YouTube, no TRX, no sandbags or kettlebells. Like Robinson Crusoe, it’s primitive as can be. How can you possibly maintain that buff body you built while shipwrecked on a tropic island nest?

Here are the top 5 exercises you can do to not only maintain but gain strength and fitness out in the wild.

1. Squat

The almighty squat followed you to this island! Execute Tabata squats to keep your heart rate up in the cold. Eight sets of 20 seconds with 10-second recoveries. Or add some weight! Hold logs… or bodies to add resistance. They don’t call squats the King of All Exercises for nothing. It works the whole body!

2. Deadlift

But we don’t have an Olympic bar?! It doesn’t matter. Deadlifting is just lifting heaving things off the ground. Pick up logs and boulders.

3. Push-Ups

Now that you can’t waste time on Facebook, you’ve got much more time to improve your push-up. No excuses. From the knees or toes, keep the low back rock solid straight, hollow body position, elbows in tight, fingers splayed, twisting palms outward, drive up and down like a piston.

4. Pull-ups/Swinging

You will need to climb trees to get fruit, so get good at it. Hanging first, then progressing to pull-ups, then swinging is the best way to build the back, biceps, forearms and grip strength.

5. Walking/Running

Your weak feet will strengthen up pretty quickly once your shoes become tattered and useless. Walking and running is the best cardio you can do (since you can’t cross-country ski in this tropical paradise). You will need to be able to walk for hours and sprint quickly to hunt for food… or prevent being hunted. Your survival depends on it!

Life as a Castaway

Any aches and pains you feel from the crash will start to fade. The lower back pain, the eye strain, headaches, stress – it will soon all melt away as you connect with nature. Natural food, primal movements, and synergy to nature are keys to good health. When the rescue ship comes, you may not even want to get on it.

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