We offer classes that suit lifestyle demands, enhance sport performance and earn accountability and camaraderie. Be inspired to try your personal best, build confidence and move better more often.

We believe a synergy (dynamic combination) of mobility, strength, and endurance make for a healthier human. All our workouts at our cheap Coquitlam gym are designed with an end-goal in mind – being able to move freely, without restriction, all while enjoying the things you love to do in life.


Meet our coaches in a low stress setting. Take a tour of the gym and get to know the facility to see what we have to offer. You will be amazed at the cleanliness, brightness and modern design. We have top quality equipment carrying brands such as Rogue, TRX and Northern Lights. 

Our initial orientation will give you a clear picture on how to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle! Set your goals early, and reach for your peak fitness. Remember to ask questions about prices, membership, class times and clarify anything that you want to know. 


One of our trainers will assess your movement ability and starting fitness levels. We will layout the roadmap to your journey, and show you how we can measure your results as you train smarter and more consistently. This is an opportunity for you to tell us what you are looking for, what has worked, and what has not worked for you. We want to hear your story.


Starting out, you will get to try 2 free group classes of your choice! We have a variety of classes that alternate through the week, so choose the one you think you would enjoy the most and give it a shot! If you’re a bit nervous about meeting our other members, feel free to come with a friend. Here at PSF, everyone is welcome. Meet our friendly community. We laugh, joke a little, listen to music, but always get down to serious business every class. Nowhere did we say this would be easy! 

Hard work and consistency always pays off! Through a mixture of our unique lessons (Tacfit, DVRT, strength work, metabolic conditioning, mobility work, cardio, and Restorative Movement), we guarantee you will see results within 30 days. Our Trainers will motivate and encourage you to never stop striving towards your set goals!
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