We offer multiple ways to train

Our Peak Synergy Coquitlam Gym Group classes, Personal Training, Lifestyle consulting. Why does this make us unique? We believe exercise is just one component of a healthy body and life. Diet, stress management, sleep hygiene and healthy human relationships are a huge component of how we look, feel and perform on a daily basis. Get mini-lessons on a weekly basis from your coaches who are life-long learners. Sign up for personal training if you need more specialized help. Consult our Head Kinesiologist and Meditation coach on stress management. Consult our Somatics Instructor on restoring lost mobility. Sign-up for our nutrition coaching. We have something for everyone.

Group Classes

How are we different? We take program design very seriously! You will never see an instructor without a class plan. We carefully plan our workouts using a periodization scheme (cycling lifts, intensity and types of workouts). Within a class of only 9 people, receive the highest quality training with our expert fitness instructors. With a variety of different classes, aim to attend the ones that apply to your goals, diversify to build a stronger body, and never be scared to try something new! We offer classes 6 days a week, with a variety of times to choose from – early morning, noon, late afternoon, early evening and Saturdays.

Personal Training

One-on-one training sessions with one of our Peak Trainers can jump start your fitness like nothing ever has! Learn a personalized system of how to maximize results and reach your goals quicker than any regular gym goer. Wandering aimlessly in a gym with no clear goal is mind is a sure-fire way to frustration. Each of our trainers is specialized in different fields of fitness so take your pick! Maria – DVRT, Metabolic Conditioning, Power, Strength, Restorative Movement. Kumar – Tacfit, Flowfit, Metabolic Conditioning, Power, Strength, Sports Performance, Pain Management, Mobility, Animal Movement. Cassie – Strength, Hypertrophy, Sculpting, Bodybuilding, Physique Transformation.

Nutritional Consultationcoming soon

We are working on developing our very own nutrition plan for you. Grocery lists, recipes, and meal plans to follow. Learn the basics of nutrition in Level 1, then delve in deeper in Level 2. Practice Healthy Habits, establishing the basics of good nutrition, one step at a time.
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