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Get Started Today And Try Two Peak Classes For Free
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1-on-1 Private Training

With 1-on-1 private training your coach gets to know you very well! Who should sign up for 1-on-1 training?

  • You prefer privacy
  • You require personal attention and want to be held accountable
  • You have no exercise experience
  • You are an athlete looking for specialized training
  • You want to learn specific skills
  • You want to lose weight or increase muscle
Session1 Session6 Sessions 12 Sessions 24 Sessions
Cost/Session$85$76.50$72.25 $68

Partner Training

If you enjoy training with someone, yet in a private setting, then this option is for you. This is still custom-tailored training, and by sharing it with a partner, you benefit from significant cost-savings, have fun, and motivate each other to achieve your goals. In partner training sessions you can train with your son or daughter for a 10 km race or with a friend or spouse for a Tough Mudder.

Session1 Session6 Sessions12 Sessions24 Sessions
Cost/Class$130 $117 $110.5 $104
Savings0% 10% 15% 20%
Package$130 $702 $1326 $2496

Small Group Training (3-4 people)

Small group training is fantastic for families, like-minded friends, or co-workers who want to improve their lives through fitness and training together to build a positive mindset. Have fun while still receiving a significant level of customization at great rates. Train to get fit, or for a particular event in mind.

Session1-60 Min.
6-60 Min.12-60 Min24-60 Min.36-60 Min.48-60 Min.
Cost/ Package/Athlete$55

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