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What small changes in nutrition can be made to start your path to a healthy lifestyle?

Nutritional eating can taste good! This class will provide tools, resources, and support to challenge and transform your eating habits. There will be opportunities to try new ingredients and recipes that demonstrate how small changes, when applied long term, will make a big impact.

What kind of diet & lifestyle advice can I expect to receive from the program?

Match nutritional needs with body demands and enjoy the benefits of consistent energy levels. Practice application of nutritional principles, learn to think out of the box, think critically and explore new ingredients that expand your food preferences. Online coaching on MyFitnessPal will be provided to address individual needs and circumstances.

Discussions include: barriers, emotional eating, strategies, eating out, social events, mindful eating, examples of healthy eating & preparation, demystifying whole foods and home cooking.

Do you want the tools needed to control your nutrition and diet?

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How will I benefit from this program?

You will develop skills to identify and meet nutritional demands. Enjoy the benefits of small changes that make a big impact. Short term skill development for long term gain. Improved weight control, reduced cravings. Apply knowledge of food and ingredients within the parameter of macronutrients and calorie needs, exercise proficiency and adjusting parameters.