Peak Group Classes

With 23 class times a week, Peak Synergy Fitness offers 12 unique group classes designed to provide clients a refined process that targets every part of the body. Check them out.

Cardio Conditioning

Metabolic Steady: A Cardio Conditioning Class consisting of intervals of cardiovascular demanding strength exercises. Sprinting without having to run! Sounds too ambitious? No Problem! Going at your own pace is easy during this class.

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

Progressive Tabata: Is a HIIT Class! A Cardio Class that spikes your heart rate. The class consists of 3 circuits of 4 metabolically demanding strength exercises. Each circuit varies in work /rest intervals. This class is sure to get your heart pounding no matter what your cardiovascular fitness.


A time-based group training system with a strong emphasis on injury-prevention is the latest in the new wave of circuit workouts. Tacfit (Tactical Fitness) is a progressive ballistic movement fitness system. It was created by martial arts and fitness coach Scott Sonnon to help government agencies and special forces such as police, fire fighters and rapid response teams achieve elite level fitness while, crucially, remaining injury-free. Applied to the public, it offers one of the most effective and safe ways to get into superior physical condition. Tacfit teaches a step-by-step technology of progression/regressions in order to safely, but dramatically increase fitness and function.


Start each class with a flow routine designed to work in the 6 degrees of freedom. This opens you up and makes you more receptive for the tougher Tacfit workout to follow. In Tacfit, we use various Metabolic Conditioning protocols to elicits a hormonal response designed to optimize our health and vitality. Regress exercises that are too hard and progress exercises that are too easy. Work to your maximum potential for that day to stave of injury, and promote improved health.

Regen Day

This class combines Recovery and Fitness workouts. The recovery portion of this class may include mobility exercises, including Restorative Movement (Somatics) or using tools like foam rollers, and stretching. The Fitness portion of this class may include Core Strength, Core Stability, Jogging, Circuit training using tools like sandbags. This combination is designed to accelerate recovery from the demands of your lifestyle or classes at Peak. Revisiting basics and addressing recovery will enhance the rate that you obtain gains toward your fitness and wellness goals.

Restorative Movement/Awakening your core

Restorative movement classes (RMC) use somatic exercises. Somatic exercises are designed to restore mind body connection. Unlike restorative yoga or stretching classes, RMC movements are intentional cycles of tension and relaxation which effectively relieve muscle tension.

1. Who should attend?

  • If you have relentless tension from the demands of your hectic schedule.
  • If you have persistent discomfort from chronic pain.
  • Need assistance recovering from an intense training program.
  • Stress or demands of daily living are primarily responsible for developing sensory motor amnesia (SMA). SMA is the dissociation of mind and body and contributes to chronic pain.

2. Results you can experience from Restorative Movement Training:

  • Enhanced body awareness
  • Reduction in body tension
  • Persistent or chronic pain diminishes
  • Enhances ability to produce functional movements
  • Everybody can benefit from this class. Exercises are done on the floor. Bring a mat and bolster/pillow (if your head /knees require support).

Strength for Sport

Resiliency: Longevity in Life & Sport: The structure of this class will mirror seasonal demands of endurance sport to minimize 2 dimensional repetitive stress. Reducing the impact of repetitive activity is imperative in reducing your risk to injury and will improve your performance. The content will include overall strength, core stability and strength, muscle patterning and interval training. Attend this class if you wish to become stronger & redefine your potential in your sport or get a balanced workout.

Sculpt and Tone

Build muscle, burn calories, and lose fat! An effective total body muscle conditioning workout utilizing a variety of equipment and options.

Tabata Tuesdays

HITT – A high intensity interval training workout designed to help you lose fat while increasing cardiovascular and athletic performance.

Strength Day

This class will make you stronger! This class is not heavy on cardio but will encourage you to lift heavier than the other group classes. Coaching will encourage you to work at an intensity that is comfortably challenging. A short cardio circuit is added at the end of this class so that you leave with a sweat that satisfies your exercise regime

Running Faster and Injury Free

This is a sport specific class for runners. The class addresses functional strength critical for runners to avoid overuse injury and those looking to enhance their running skills. This class was originally designed for the members and affiliates of the Greyhounds Track and Field Club. It is now open to Public.

Metabolic Mashup

A variety of high intensity interval techniques to increase strength, improve cardiovascular endurance, and promote weight loss by burning calories for hours after completing your workout.

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