Top 10 Healthy Snacks That Will Not Hinder Fat Loss

When cravings hit at 2pm, having healthy snacks available will ensure you are fuelled up, but more importantly, that you stay away from the vending machine. Proper preparation is the key to eating healthy. Do not allow for the opportunity to eat low quality food. Prepare your snacks for the week on Sunday night and keep them handy! Here are the best healthy snacks that will not hinder Fat Loss!

1) 15 unsalted almonds, cashews or walnuts

2) 1 hard-boiled egg

3) 10 small olives, 5 jumbo olives

4) 1 C plain Greek yogurt

5) 1 piece of fruit, or berries with coconut milk

6) Smoked salmon

7) Seeds – pumpkin, sunflower – ¼ cup

8) 4 Carrot/celery sticks with almond butter or guacamole

9) Dried seaweed

10) Sliced avocado with salt and pepper.


In Health,

Coach Kumar

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