Kumar Bandyo became a dedicated and disciplined fitness enthusiast at a young age, becoming a multi-sport athlete in his hometown of Calgary, Alberta. He started weight-training at the age of 14, keeping records of his progress as he trained tirelessly in his parents’ basement in a makeshift gym with plastic weights. He still has those detailed training logs he kept in junior high school. Kumar holds his Kinesiology degree from SFU and has over 20 years of experience and knowledge in working in the athletics, ergonomics, martial arts, health and rehabilitation industries. He continues to build upon his knowledge and expand to this day by pursuing ongoing education on a regular basis.

Kumar believes diet, sleep and stress management are key components of living a healthy life. A truly successful program will address each of these issues. Kumar has always subscribed to the philosophy of CANEI (Kaizen in Japanese) Constant and Never Ending Improvement. After 4 knee surgeries, 3 reconstructive wrist surgeries, and at one time weighing almost 300lbs, daily migraines and on a plethora of medications, Kumar knows what it takes to conquer obstacles. His mission is to help you conquer yours. Kumar has worked with a diverse clientele including young children, teens, adults of all ages, pro-athletes, physically and mentally challenged, celebrities and business professionals. Having worked in rehabilitation for 20+ years Kumar has a keen eye for what a person really needs in order to look, feel and perform at their best. It is not always what you want to do, and Kumar will always be honest with you.

In addition to his duties as a coach, Kumar has been the in-house Kinesiologist for the BC Government for 17 years. He is a dedicated father, instilling his ideals of health and wellness in his children. Kumar enjoys dedicating his free time to worthy causes such as Easter Seals and Children’s Hospital. An avid outdoorsman, cyclist and cross-country skier, Kumar enjoys hiking and backpacking and is a gourmet Paleo chef. Kumar has also completed 3 Tough Mudders and holds a 4th Degree Black Belt in Martial Arts. As a motivated, adventurous and positive person, Kumar lives his own success story and can help you create a fitness routine to empower you to achieve your own Peak Synergy Fitness success.

Exclusive to Peak Synergy Fitness – Coquitlam Gyms, he has created his own model of achieving personal wellness in a program that re-defines fitness by incorporating elements of his vast knowledge of health, wellness, injury prevention and injury management.

Want to find out what Kumar can do for you? Call our Port Coquitlam personal training facility today at (604) 474-1838.


  • B.Sc. Degree in Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University.
  • Member of the BCAK (BC Association for Kinesiologists)
  • Completed BCAK approved courses: Functional Assessment of the Spine/Extremities; Rehabilitative Exercise Therapy Level 1 and 2
  • Completed: Building the Ultimate Back by Stuart McGill
  • Completed: Selective Functional Movement Assessment
  • Certified Gold Twist Sport Conditioning Coach.
  • BCRPA certification – Weight-Training Instructor Course Level I and II.
  • Martial Arts Instructor. 4th Degree Black Belt Instructor.
  • Martial Arts Competitor 1993 – present. Competes across Western North America. 60+ top three finishes.
  • Certified Instructor in PDR Spear training (Personal Defense Readiness)
  • Level III Occupational First Aid Attendant. Level I OFA Instructor.
  • 15,000+ plus hours coaching time.
  • Certified Tacfit Instructor
  • Certified Flowfit Instructor
  • Certified CST Athlete
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