We all need structure in our life.

Success is achieved through hard work and discipline, not an airy-fairy approach. If you are a parent, you know this to be true. Children function best when they have structure and routine. They need to know boundaries, when their bed time is, and the rituals they need to perform before bed. If you wonder why your kid is cranky, acts out, or has behavioural problems, look at your life and schedule. You need to live your life around their schedule, not the other way around. But what if you are not a parent, how can you relate to this? Think of something you have achieved in your life, like getting a black belt, a university degree, a good job or the man/women of your dreams. You did it through consistent and structured hard work.

What does this have to do with fitness?

It has everything to do with it! If you are an on-again-off-again type of fitness person, then you will get those kinds of results (which isn’t much). I’ve amusedly observed these type of people in gyms for 20+ years. But, if you consistently build exercise into your routine, you will get the results you want, have the body you want, and most importantly, be able to do the things you enjoy.

At Peak Synergy Fitness, we just had our first member, Ryan, reach 100 classes. It is nothing extreme, his results are excellent because he is consistent…period. He comes every M/W and every other Thursday while only missing a couple of classes because of minor injuries (not from Peak!). You wouldn’t think just 2-3 times per week could make such a huge difference, but it does. Those 100 classes transformed not only his body, but also his mentality as a person. Ryan walks into the gym with more confidence than ever, and instead of looking for the easiest version of an exercise, looks for the most challenging one he can do. His arms have doubled in size, and he has kept his body fat low.

Why do people like Ryan get the results they do? Consistency, structure, and one very important thing – memory. He remembers that heavy strength training and intelligent metabolic conditioning got him there. He is not suddenly going to join “Globo Gym”, do step classes, and start running marathons.

The definition of insanity as per Albert Einstein: doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. So, if  by training a few times a month, or when the mood strikes you, you expect results, that is insane. Schedule 2x/week into your schedule for 2017. Every single person has time for this. If you say you don’t, then your health is not a priority. You need to put your health first, so that you can be there for your family and family. Act now!

In Health,

Coach Kumar

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