Why Aren’t You Losing Weight? Part 1 (of many)

People struggle to lose weight. How many times have you been unsuccessful losing weight? It’s a billion dollar industry where food and supplement companies and quick-fix gimmicks prey on the hopeful. We all dream of a pill that would shed those last few pounds, whether it is 5 or 100; or the body wrap that melts fat away; or the one perfect exercise program. I discovered the hard way that bodies are made in the kitchen; fitness is developed in the gym.




There are many foods which we are told are healthy and if we eat them, should maintain a healthy weight. Just today I was speaking to a Type II Diabetic whose nutritionist told her she must eat 5-10 servings a day of “healthy whole grains”, and 2-3 servings of “calcium-rich” dairy. This why we have so many unhealthy people in today’s society! People we are supposed to trust are unwittingly giving us terrible misinformation. This is what the nutritionist studied in school. But those textbooks are using 75 year old research. Ten servings of whole grains and 3 servings of dairy would provide us with almost a weeks’ worth of sugar in just one day. How is this helping a diabetic regulate their sugar and insulin?

Here are just some of the most common foods which may be contributing to your struggle with weight loss.

  • All breads – yes even whole wheat or multi-grain
  • All cereal – even high fiber
  • All pasta – even whole wheat or gluten free pastafrostflakes
  • Protein Bars – check the sugar content. Some are 2 days’ worth of sugar.
  • Smoothies – I love Booster Juice’s Funky Monkey, but check the sugar content. You might be better off eating a candy bar.
  • Low fat yogurt – lowering the fat often means raising the sugar
  • Skim milk – devoid of nutrients and a gut irritant. Most adults are lactose intolerant to a degree.
  • Low fat cheese – why even bother? It tastes like wax.

This is barely scratching the surface. You might notice a pattern. Grains and dairy, for some, not all, are gut irritants. This means they may cause gas, bloating, skin problems, stubborn weight loss, fatigue, joint pain, headaches, moodiness, low energy, and much more.

In future articles I will delve much deeper into this, discussing leaky gut syndrome, how to get calcium, and the healthiest protein sources. There is a lot of science and physiology behind this. For now, just try cutting back a bit on the grains and dairy. Instead, add in more vegetables, and a bit more fruit. Some people notice a quick weight loss (like a few pounds a week), when they go grain and dairy free. But losing weight is not easy. It’s tough, don’t get me wrong; grains are everywhere, and used in everything from pizza crust to salad dressings.

Commit to 4 weeks of going grain and dairy free (or as much as possible). Don’t focus solely on losing weight. See how you look, feel, and perform after that 4 weeks.  You might get sugar withdrawal, but it’s just your body adjusting its enzymatic processes. It should subside within a few days. Good luck. Much more to come on this…


In Health,

Coach Kumar

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