Top 10 Healthy Snacks That Will Not Hinder Fat Loss

When cravings hit at 2 pm, having healthy snacks available will ensure you are fuelled up, but more importantly, that you stay away from the vending machine. Proper preparation is the key to eating healthy. Do not allow for the opportunity to eat low quality food. Prepare your snacks for the week on Sunday night and keep them handy! Here are the best healthy snacks that will not hinder Fat Loss!

1) 15 unsalted almonds, cashews or walnuts

2) 1 hard-boiled egg

3) 10 small olives, 5 jumbo olives

4) 1 C plain Greek yogurt

5) 1 piece of fruit, or berries with coconut milk

6) Smoked salmon

7) Seeds – pumpkin, sunflower – ¼ cup

8) 4 Carrot/celery sticks with almond butter or guacamole

9) Dried seaweed

10) Sliced avocado with salt and pepper.


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Client Transformation Story: 40lbs and counting!

Bryan’s Weight Loss Transformation Story:

Body Transformation Weight Loss

“I joined Peak Synergy Fitness at the end of 2015, with the intention of improving my overall fitness and health with the help of some group classes. Prior to joining Peak, I had never attended a group fitness class before and wasn’t really sure what to expect. Believe it or not, the routine of going to the gym without a plan or any idea of what I was doing, wasn’t all that successful in helping me with weight loss!

I weighed in on January 11th 2016 at 252.8 pounds. The weight itself wasn’t a surprise to me, but Coach Kumar, who helped me in taking some before and after pictures, warned me prior to looking at them that seeing yourself in a picture is always going to be different than in a mirror. And he wasn’t lying; if “the camera adds 10 pounds”, there must have been a few more on me than I was aware of!

A year to the day later, I weighed in at 211.0 pounds, for a total loss of 41.8 pounds. Keeping an accurate log of my weight throughout the year meant the weight itself wasn’t much of a surprise a year later, the surprise was now seeing the pictures of myself and seeing the transformation. If anything, this one-year follow-up isn’t the finish line, it’s a checkpoint on my continued journey.

Body Transformation Weight Loss

After hitting a high of about 280 pounds a few years ago, I began making progress to get to the 250ish mark over the last few years. That number seemed to be a plateau that I wasn’t able to get below on my own, so it motivated me to start making some more changes, and reach out to the experts at Peak.

The biggest change that I stubbornly tried to fight off for as long as possible was cleaning up my diet. Joining peak forced me to finally do so, which made a world of difference. To help monitor my progress, I downloaded an app for my iPhone to track my daily weigh-ins. Both Maria and Kumar have been amazing resources for assisting me on my journey, offering suggestions to improve on different workouts, but also advice on my nutrition/diet/lifestyle. This major change was definitely the catalyst to breaking past my plateau and seeing such a big transformation over the year.

Coming to Peak has made me feel accountable to show up and take responsibility for my own results, and I now look forward to attending after work to blow off some steam and join the workouts. It’s become a regular part of my routine that I never imagined that I would be doing, and I love it! Kumar has most recently given me the challenge to make my legs stronger in 2017, and he is giving me the tools to succeed and keep me focused on improvement. Here’s to 2017, and another year of success! Thanks Peak!”

Body Transformation Weight Loss

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