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Breathing & Why It’s Important For More Than Living

One of the most important things I stress during our workouts is the proper breathing. Every single movement has a breath associated with it. You are either inhaling, exhaling, holding full (positive pressure), holding empty (negative pressure), or holding with neutral pressure. It is only through proper breathing control can you ever hope to reach […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Repetitive Strain Injuries used to be quite rare. Only those people that spent many hours a day typing, or working as cashiers, developed carpal tunnel syndrome. In the seventies and eighties it was mostly women that suffered from this. Now I see it in teens and adults with varying occupations. Society as a whole has […]

Why Aren’t You Losing Weight – Part 3

Losing Weight While You Sleep What kind of coach would ever suggest that you sleep your way to weight loss? This coach! I am confident in saying it is one of the the most important factors in weight loss and overall physical and emotional health. You must make sleep a priority. I have been militant […]

Why You Have Knee Pain

Twenty years of suffering from Osgood Schlatter’s, two torn meniscus, 1 torn MCL, a large cyst, broken fibula and three knee surgeries. Suffice to say I know a thing or two about knee pain. There are a multitude of reasons why you may have knee pain, and I will spell out  just a few here. […]

Why Aren’t You Losing Weight – Part 2

Weight Loss: It’s All In The Hormones Until recently is was believed that weight loss happens when we burn more calories than we take in. Yes, weight loss arises when we burn more calories via exercise and activities of daily life than we consume. But there is another critical component often ignored; hormones. Men and […]

Why Aren’t You Losing Weight? Part 1 (of many)

People struggle to lose weight. How many times have you been unsuccessful losing weight? It’s a billion dollar industry where food and supplement companies and quick-fix gimmicks prey on the hopeful. We all dream of a pill that would shed those last few pounds, whether it is 5 or 100; or the body wrap that […]

Perfect Posture: The Best Posture is Your Next One

Good posture is rare these days. You used to hear parents telling their kids to sit up straight, or stop slouching. But now, with parents’ posture being so poor, they lack the awareness and knowledge to pass this onto their children. As a result, neck, back, and shoulder pain are commonplace in both children and […]

Components of Fitness – Be Selective to Get Results

At Peak Synergy Fitness we cover a broad range of the components of fitness. It is often helpful to understand this to be able to focus your workout and get the most benefit from them. Our workouts cannot hope to cover all 12 aspects in one class, but over the course of a week or […]

Peak Synergy Fitness Blog

Are you ready to optimize your health and take your fitness to the next level? Welcome to the Peak Synergy Fitness Blog. Health fanatics, couch potatoes and everyone in between, rejoice! Over the course of time I will provide you with the answers to questions I get the most. Which diet is best? How many […]