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The Basics And Why They Work

Using The Basics of Exercise To Get & Stay Fit In fitness you will often hear about getting back to the basics. There is a reason for that: it’s because they work. Some gyms and coaches will give you cutting edge exercises and use technologically advanced equipment. You may be hooked up to monitors, or […]

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Reduce Stress In Minutes It is believed that the body responds to anxiety by provoking muscle tension, and the tense muscles then increase the feeling of anxiety. Deep muscle relaxation reduces physiological tension, reduces pulse rate and blood pressure, and decreases perspiration and respiration rates. This technique is effective in the treatment of muscular tension, anxiety, […]

Why Steven Seagal Got Fat: Efficiency

Why did Steven Seagal get fat? He became too damn efficient. In the eighties and early nineties he was lean, athletic and fast. His Aikido skills (Japanese Martial Art) were among the top Aikidoka in the world. Re-iterating something that has been gaining speed in the fitness community, the greater efficiency we gain at something, […]

Winter Health Starts Now! Build your Immune System

Build your immune system now for optimal winter health! But heck, if you’ve got kids going back to school, it’s almost too late. By the third or fourth week of school absences spike as both students and teachers get hit with bouts of cold and coughs. Everyone’s been outside, enjoying summer, getting sun and exercise […]

Consistency: Your Trump Card for Health

Consistency. It is so elusive to many of us. We all have good intentions of eating right, getting plenty of sleep, exercising, reading more, watching less TV etc. But, there is the pull of the sofa, TV, or Facebook that ends up wasting our time, and before we know it, it’s bedtime and we haven’t […]

How to Motivate your Training Partner

How do you motivate your training partner? Are you the kind of person that shouts loudly to motivate? Do you cheer like you are the leader of the BC Lions Feline Dance Squad? Do you say nothing? Motivation is a big part of being a training partner, coach or instructor. Some people cannot train alone. […]

Supplements: Optimizing Your Health

In a perfect world, supplements would not be necessary. It would be great if we all ate a perfect, whole foods, organic, locally sourced diet. But, we don’t. And, even if you did, there is a chance you would still be deficient in one or more nutrients. Proper, prudent supplementation can have a profound impact […]

Neck Pain And What To Do About It

Up to 90% of Canadians will suffers some sort of episode of back pain in their life. Even more people will suffer an episode of neck pain. There are many causes of this, and in today’s society of seated people, with chair-like postures, the incidence of neck pain has increased dramatically. The turtle neck posture […]